Founded 12 years ago by our director/owner Mark Pascall, we have a core staff of 15, plus a network of partner companies and contractors.

We specialise in the powerful and increasingly popular Ruby on Rails (known as "Rails") that is now one of the fastest growing web development frameworks.

Cloud based services such as Google Applications are a core part of what we deliver, specialising in innovative solutions leveraging the "Cloud" and the technical Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that connect into it.

A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street. -Doug Linder


You and your stakeholders are in control, you get to see progress at every point and retain flexibility to change direction as you need.

Innovation and creative thinking should occur at every stage of a project.

In building the functionality you actually need.

Ruby on Rails is far more productive and maintainable than other web development languages such as PHP/Java/.Net.

Quickly developing a working pilot to demonstrate, get buy-in or test with your customers.

For any size project, business value must always be achieved within three months.


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